Thursday, August 14, 2008

September Not Looking Good

Referrals came out this week and the CCAA has matched families with a log in date through January 31, 2006. On one hand, FINALLY...THANK GOD THEY ARE FINISHED WITH JANUARY!!! On the other hand, WTH, last month they matched through January 25th and back in January of 2006, Chinese New Year celebration was from January 28th through February 5th. The CCAA was closed for these dates, therefore, were not any families with log in dates during that time. So basically they did 2 days of LID's this month! January 26th & 27th...because the rest of the time no one was logged in. As usual, the CCAA's choice of "published" cut off date is causing all kinds of speculation. Because usually they use the last day there were actually any log in dates...and if they were just going up until they have another log in date, why did they not make the cut-off date February 5th????? What does this mean for the September referrals???? Did the Olympic have any impact on this month, or next months, referrals???? Again, as usual LOTS of speculation, no concrete information. More "wait and see". Anyway, I think it is safe to say that they are not going to get through February 16th, our LID, next month. Damn, damn, damn...I was SO sure! After all this time, I should know better to get my hopes up...what was I thinking?

So now when??? Maybe, October, probably more likely November...hopefully we will still travel this year!