Friday, July 6, 2007

Referrals Are Coming In a.k.a. More Disappointment

Referrals began arriving today and the CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families who were LID through November 14, 2005. That's right folks....a whopping 7 days for this month! Now everybody says that November is a "huge month for dossiers".....lots and lots of families logged in in November.....blah, blah, blah....but damn, could this go any slower?! As you can see...currently, I am having some "issues" with the wait! Some days are easier....some are harder!

So in my sleepless state of frustration/depression/disbelief (it is 1:45 am here) I have decided to get out the calendar and a note pad just "do a little figuring". Forgive me if I am off a I stated, it is 1:45 in the AM! Okay, here it goes: There are a total of 93 days between the date that the CCAA has referred to (11/14/05) and our LID (02/16/06). And yes, I know this includes weekends. So far this year, from the 01/03/07 referrals until the most current of 07/05/07, they have averaged referring 11 days per month. And oh yes, that number looks hideously low, that is until you look and see that if I took the average for only the past 4 months it would be just over 5 days per month! Anyway, back to the 93 days that we have left, divide that by the average of 11 days per month and that gives you approximately 8.45 months until our referral. This would mean a referral in March of 2008! A wait of 25 months from LID to referral! Hmmm....and when our paperwork was sent to China and we were LID, the people were waiting approximately 9 months from LID to referral. This is just horribly, horribly wrong! Oh, and I did check the China Adoption Forecast site...they have moved our estimated forecast back to 02/16/ according to them we are looking at a 24 month wait. I think I am going to lose my mind! I can't believe we are going to go through another holiday season without Willow! Pissed

Alright then...on a more positive note, a couple that we know that lives in our community should be getting a referral in this batch! Congratulations Sarah & Roger! We can't wait to see the beautiful Charlotte. And to anyone else who is just seeing their child's face for the first time, Babycongratulations to you as well!