Thursday, September 13, 2007

Travel Groups and Attrition Levels

The Rumor Queen site has some new statistics up based on information she has requested from readers regarding attrition. According to her, the approximate attrition level for those families logged in January, February & March 2006 is 23%.

Now, I realize that these attrition levels are not going to filter down to individual travel groups. makes me wonder. Originally we were told that there were 5 families traveling, including us, in our group. So based on attrition...maybe at least one of the families has dropped out of the China program....presumably choosing a SN child or switching programs to a different country.

We have recently found another one of the families that is still traveling with us though! They are Lori and Andy, they live in Florida. So, including us here in AZ, we know of two of the other families, Susan and David in WI and now Lori and Andy in FL. Possibly if one family dropped out, we only have one left to find??????

I joked with Tom and told him that I thought family number 4 lives in Maine and family number 5 lives in Washington State. That way we would have all corners of the US covered just in our little group! So much for making it easy to plan some kind of travel group reunions for our girls to get together! Oh well, I guess if we all travel from China to the should be a piece of cake to go from one coast to another! Pilot