Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arrival Of The Stork

WHO KNEW THAT "THE STORK" WOULD BE SO TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME?! Our "stork" arrived with the official package with all of Willows information, Tuesday November 11 at approximately 10:30 A.M. (not that I was waiting and watching for him or anything). Typically, the FedEx man just rings the bell and leaves the package at the front door. But on this day, he was greeted by a note stating "FEDEX, Please ring bell and WAIT with your delivery". I am sure he must have been wondering what was up when he came to the door. I knew he was here before he rang the bell and was running around screaming like a crazy woman..."He's here, he's here!" I wasn't dressed yet, so Tom had to answer the door. Tom stepped out and explained to the young man what the package contained and "the storks" first comment was "OH...I heard the screaming and was wondering what that was about"...Uh...sorry Mr. FedEx...just the Mama Bear coming out! He then explained that he thought it was "really cool" that we were adopting from China and was happy to be photographed as part of "the experience".
He's right...we are "REALLY COOL"!