Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday December 26th

After breakfast, Tom and Willow had some quality "Daddy/Daughter time" while Mommy rested. I was just wore out and needed some extra sleep, so Tom and Willow went out for a walk to the park. He said one of the parks they went to they watched locals doing Tai Chi and Ballroom Dancing. They then met up with another family in our group at the playground and "the girls" spent some time playing together. This is where Tom discovered that Willow LOVES to slide! He said she was quite upset when it was time to leave. It is so wonderful to see her enjoy herself!

They came back to the room and it was Willows naptime. After Willow took a nap, we all got ready and went over to the White Swan for a very nice dinner at the Silk Road Restaurant. It is a pretty fancy restaurant, candlelight, piano & violin player, etc...and Willow did great! She did not want to sit in the high chair, so I put her in a regular chair at the table and she sat right there and was quiet and ate her dinner like a big girl. I was very impressed. She got to experience what I am sure was her first taste of steak and seemed to like it. We were careful not to give her too much, as I do not want to overwhelm her system and get her stomach upset. She really does not hesitate to try anything and really the only thing I have found that she won't eat is watermelon, but she does love other fruits. She does have quite a sweet tooth though and loves her puffs and cookies.

After dinner we took a walk along the river for awhile and headed back to the hotel. We played in the room for awhile until bedtime. Willow is now pretty much refusing to take a bottle, even of her Chinese formula. She is old enough to start drinking whole milk, but don't want to try to start her until we get back to the US, so we will continue to try with the formula while here. She is drinking water though, so no worries about her being dehydrated.

This sweet, funny wonderful girl is opening up more and more each day...and it is wonderful!