Friday, August 10, 2007

August Referrals

August referrals came out on 08/02/07. And once sucks!! Those who were logged in by 11/21/05 were referred. Yes, this means another month of 7...yes 7 days of referrals.


And based on the polls on some of the websites, I am predicting that next month could probably be only 6 days, so September referrals will not even get us through November! Rumor Queens estimate for our LID date of 02/16/06 is sometime in 05/08! Holly crap...that would be a 26 month wait! I checked the China Adoption Forecast site estimates our referral to be on 03/13/08. I could seriously just blast out a serious line of obscenities a mile long Pissed about this subject....but I won't go there....not "in public". Obviously it would not serve any purpose, but for me to blow off some steam!

Really I actually think I am becoming more accepting of the wait. Ha...after almost 18 months! But I do need to try more to enjoy the time. Tom and I both need to take advantage of the "couple only" time we have left. Of course all of this seems perfectly rational and easy...but only in my head! I have been thinking of things that I would like to get accomplished before Willows arrival, minor home improvements, painting, redecorating, etc., it has helped with the wait.

I guess the last word is....the wait will be what the wait will be....24 months....26 months....etc.... Ultimately the wait time will be SO WORTH IT! And I am sure as soon as Willow is in my arms, I will completely forget all the pain, anger, anticipation, hopelessness, all of these crazy emotions that are included on this crazy journey! For now it is my job to find ways to make the wait less stressful for Tom and I and to do everything I can to prepare for our beautiful Willow.